April, 2017 Events at the Goddess Temple

Monday, April 10 – Full Moon Celebration (Open to All):
Potluck at 7:00 pm in the pavilion, followed by ritual in the Temple at 8:00 pm.
“Second feast” in the pavilion after ritual, winding up by 10:00 pm
The Nevada Desert Experience Peace Walkers will be here that evening, and we will be honoring their work.

Wednesday April 26 – Women’s New Moon Celebration (Women Only):
Again, potluck in the pavilion at 7:00 pm, followed by ritual in the Temple at 8:00 pm.
CodePink women will be staying here during that time for their “Shut Down Creech” vigils. Our theme for the evening will be honoring the Earth.

SPECIAL EVENT NEXT MONTH: Monday, May 1 is Beltane
For more info on this upcoming special event, please see our post here, requesting help with this event.

See you soon!
Love and blessings,

Temple of Hathor in Wisconsin


Several years ago, I met a man named Timothy Rosenbaum, who was here visiting the Temple of Sekhmet.  We’ve stayed in touch, discussing the many technical and spiritual challenges and joys of Priest/Priestess-hood.

Tim has built a stone circle Temple to Hathor singlehandedly on his property in Wisconsin.  I’d seen photos and made up my mind to visit Tim and his unique Temple the first chance I had.

In May, I put together a little “Spiritual Journey” road trip for myself, and Tim’s Temple was a “must see”.

He lives just outside of Richland Center. I spent the night there in a motel,  and Tim drove down to meet me the next morning.  I followed him to his place, as it is a bit tricky to find.

We walked up a forest path behind his home, green and lush with all kinds of plants and trees.  There were may apples along the way, which reminded me of my childhood growing up in Pennsylvania.

Suddenly, just ahead in a clearing, the structure came into view, illuminated in the morning light, and I could feel the magick.
What a wonderful place!

Tim showed me around, explaining how he comes every day and does ritual.  I’d brought an offering of potted flowers for Hathor’s Temple altar, but realized they would be quick food for the wild life (just as in the Temple here!) and told Tim he was welcome to move them to a better spot.

The energy of this special place is amazing.  Even more amazing to me, is that Tim has built this all by himself, using liquid stone (concrete) as he was instructed by the Goddess. Many pieces of the Temple had to be poured in place as the weight was too great for transport from his workshop to the Temple site.
After walking back down the path to his home, we commiserated on the difficulties of engaging the community to financially support facilities like this.  It is a question I hear posed often by spiritual people maintaining spiritual sites.  (If you have a suggestion, we would love to hear it!)
Anyone wishing to visit Tim Rosenbaum’s Temple can contact
him at: www.timrosen1@gmail.com

Bright blessings,

The Year of Kindness

1.the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate

As we near the end of calendar year 2015, I have been thinking a lot about New Year’s resolutions.
In year’s past I have promised myself to “be more productive, eat healthier, lose weight, etc,” but after an enthusiastic start, I have always drifted off course by the second or third week, and completely forgotten my intentions after a month or so.

But this year, I am confident things will be different.

My focus is going to be on an ideal, rather than on ego centered personal issues.
I am going to dedicate 2016 to “Kindness,” and resolve to be kinder.

I have always had a connection with the word “kin”, an old English word for family. So my understanding of the word “kindness”, is to “treat like family.” I like that.

What if we all treated each other like family?

What if, as the definition above says, we were “friendly, generous and considerate” of everyone, especially to people we don’t know?

Let’s all incorporate a little extra kindness into each and every day.
We might do this by being:

. Friendly – Let’s smile and say hello. Wave a greeting to neighbors. Doesn’t cost a thing.

. Generous – Many of us already donate to charities, shelters and food banks. Let’s continue that, but come up with other ways to be generous as well. How can you share your talents and time?

. Considerate – I always fall back on the “do unto others” saying. If you wouldn’t want to be treated a certain way, then do not treat others that way. Take a second before you respond, so that it is “responding”, and not “re-acting”. (Big difference.)

Imagine each small act of kindness joining with others, growing in size and intensity, until it washes over the entire planet like a huge compassionate wave.

A little thing I like to do is always put my shopping cart in the cart coral. This is being kind to the person who has to collect them and take them back inside the store, but it is also “kind” as it helps avoid dents and scratches on vehicles from run away carts.

In the coming year I plan to take a suggestion I’ve recently seen posted on facebook, and make up small gift bags for homeless people and keep several in my car at all times. (A simple zip lock bag with socks, soap and a few dollars?)

I hope you will be inspired to change the world too, one small kind act at a time.

I would LOVE to hear how you are incorporating kindness into your day. Please share your ideas and suggestions under comments for everyone to be inspired.

Let’s make 2016 the “Year of Kindness”.
Happy New Year!

Goddess bless!
Priestess Candace Ross

We Can; We Must

World Peace Mural at the Goddess Temple

Hello Family,

When I look around this amazingly beautiful planet, and see what humanity has done (to the Earth and to each other,) I cannot help but become overwhelmed with sadness.

This is NOT how life on Earth was ever meant to be.

I want to share with you two messages I received from “Spirit”, both of them in response to my praying for peace.

The first one was several years ago.  I was at home, on my knees asking Creation to please bring peace to the planet, and the response I got, much to my sad surprise was:

“Until you can give up hate, you are not ready for peace.”

Are we ready to give up hate?

As I scan Facebook posts daily, seeing so many seething with hate for different religions, for poor people, for immigrants, for refugees, it doesn’t seem like we are.

We must give up hate.  There is no other path to peace.

The second message came more recently.  I was praying for an end to violence, this time in the Temple, and the answer I received was:

“Evil will destroy itself.”

Yes, I believe that. Evil will destroy itself.  But it needs to happen NOW.

For World Peace to “come” and World Violence to “go,” we must all be involved.

I believe each of us has come here to this time and this place for a reason.  I believe we are here to bring love, light and joy not only to ourselves but to the planet and beyond.
I believe we CAN do this, but it requires (non-violent!) action.

Can we give more and take less?

Can we open our hearts and minds to new ways of thinking?

Can we acknowledge there is no “us” and “them,” it is all us?

Can we get up every morning and say, “Today I will make a positive difference in the world”?

Can we spread joy by being joy?

Can we spread love by being love?

Can we spread light by being light?

We can.

We must.

Blessed be,

Candace Ross

August 2015 Women’s New Moon

Reminder: Women’s New Moon on August 14

Hello Sisters!

This Friday, August 14, we will be gathering for New Moon potluck in the pavilion at 7:00 pm, (Blessing of the Food at 7:05), followed by ritual in the Temple at 8:00 pm.

This month’s ritual is “Goddess Not Forgotten.” We will honor Goddesses that most of us may not be familiar with by calling out their names, and inviting them to join our circle. Each woman in attendance will choose a scroll with the name and description of one of these lesser-known Goddesses to bring into the light of our circle.

See you there!

Priestess Training Program

The day before I left my job in San Diego to come here to the Temple, my employer took me aside and said, “Okay Candace, what’s it going to take to keep you?”

I remember my response very clearly. I said, “You could double my salary, and I wouldn’t stay. This is my life’s calling.”

Yesterday Letecia posted on Face Book a wonderful song by Anique Radiant Heart called “We are the Priestesses”. The song is amazing and I will be sharing it in this evenings Women’s New Moon ritual. (May 10, 2013)

Two lines in particular stood out to me.
The first “Serving You is our reward”, the second “We teach each other all that we remember”, reminded me it’s time to begin another Priestess Program.

The Program is a year long, and involves bi-monthly participation in scheduled rituals as well as a few hours each month working (with not for me) at the mundane tasks associated with a working Temple. (..”Serving You is our reward”)

Taking this course does not make you a Priestess. That designation is one you claim yourself, but the information provided can make you a better Priestess. And as Sister Priestesses, the intent is I will learn as much from you as you do from me. (…We teach each other all that we remember”)

There is no cost for this course, but there are expenses to you as far as gas to get here two or three times each month, and a minimum 100 hours of your time over the course of one year.

If anyone is interested in beginning this program, please see me this evening, or contact me at worldpeacevolunteer@yahoo.com and I will e-mail you an application, Priestess Ethics and Priestess Expectation list.

Daily Choice


Artist: Katlyn Breene

We have a choice …..

Every day we choose

To be happy or sad

Kind or mean

Up or down.

Granted, life’s menu

can be hard to digest

But again, we can choose

how much we eat.

I think I’ve been eating

way too much:

Too much grief,

Too much stress,

Too much depression.

I’m going to put myself

on a diet

Of kindness,


And joy.

Crone Means Crown

by Candace Ross

Crown“Crone means crown,” I say.

“You are wrong”, he says. “The word Crone comes from chronological. It refers to a person of years, a female person.”

He is a very educated man. He speaks 6 languages, has 2 degrees. (I on the other hand have a few semesters of community college.)

Once when we were arguing, he tried to win by saying, “I’ve explained this to you in every language you understand, which is 1!”

I suppose he thought this would embarrass me, but I was already a Crone, and laughed at his arrogant, childish attempt to invalidate me.

So now I repeat myself. “No”, I say, “it means Crown. I know it does”. And I do know it, intuitively. Deep inside, from another time. It is a precious, beautiful word reserved for a woman moving into and thru the third stage of female being.

But I look it up anyway.

In the Woman’s Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects, I find Hag, (hagia) a holy or wise woman, who knew the ways of nature, healing, divination, civilized arts, and traditions of the Goddess. “Like the word Crone”, it says, “hag once connoted an elder woman with the spirit of the Goddess within her, just as after menopause her “wise blood” remained within her body and brought her great wisdom”.

And in the book “Celebrating the Crone” by Ruth Gardner: “There was a time when Crone meant Crown, and a crone was called Wise Woman.”

I remember reading as a child about cultures who revered their elderly. “Noble one” or “learned one” they called them. Even “aged one” was a term of respect.

But not in my country.

Here age is something to be hidden, it is a “sin”. Lie about your age, have a “procedure”, starve yourselves so your belly can’t take on the roundness of a post-menstrual woman.


Cerridwen, the Crone of Wisdom by Aiofa

I am an old woman.
I am a Crone.
I am happy with that, even delighted.
I will not be ashamed.
I will love and honor this important phase of my life.
I will sing to the Goddess in gratitude for blessing me
with this most wonderful human adventure, old age.