November 2016 Events at the Temple


Hello, Family:

We have two exciting events for you this month:

Monday, November 14 – Community Full Moon Celebration (Open to All)
Potluck in the Pavilion at 7:00 pm, followed by ritual in the Temple at 8:00 pm.  The ritual theme this month, to honor our activist friends, is: “The earth, the animals, the people cry out for Peace.”



Tuesday, November 29 - Women’s New Moon Circle (Women Only)
Potluck in the Guest House at 7:00 pm, followed by a Collage Mandala Class at 8:00 pm.  Watch our Facebook page for more details, closer to the date.

Bright and Bountiful Blessings to All!



October 2016 Events at the Temple

Hello Family!

We have an amazing October planned for you! Please mark your calendar for these upcoming events.

Saturday, October 15 – We have the honor of hosting Vegas Vortex’ Bone Dance again this year! Please see their site for details of this all night drumming circle extraordinaire!.

Sunday, October 16t – Full Moon Celebration – Potluck in the Pavilion at 7:00 pm, followed by ritual in the Temple at 8:00. (no silent auction- it will be at the Samhain event instead!)

This month’s ritual theme will focus on “essentials,” and we will honor the Goddess Ma’at.

Monday, October 31 – Two  Samhain rituals!

Silent Auction from 7:00 pm til 7:45 in the Pavilion (a wonderful and fun way to support the Temple!)

1st Ritual – We will gather in the Pavilion at 7:00 pm (food blessings at 7:05) for a special potluck honoring our ancestors. Please bring a favorite dish of someone who has passed, and whom you wish to honor. We will go around the group asking anyone who wants to share a few words about the dish and the person it honors.

There will be an ancestor altar set up in front of the beautiful Sekhmet mural in the social area. (Weather permitting, there will be a fire in the social area as well.)  Please bring a photo or other memento to place on the altar (remembering to reclaim it at the end of the evening).

We will walk to the first bridge nearest the Pavilion , be smudged, and learn a simple chant.  We will sing it as we proceed to the Ancestor Altar and light a candle, before entering the Temple for the evening’s first ritual, Honoring our Ancestors.

2nd Ritual will be at 11:30 pm and continue through midnight. In honor of third and last harvest, we will celebrate what we have completed and now need to leave behind, and what we want to bring into our lives. After that, we will explore Inanna’s Descent to the Underworld to visit Her sister, Ereshkigal.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


Falls Projects and Needs at the Sekhmet Temple

Hello Family!

Do you feel Fall in the early morning air? Have a sudden craving for pumpkin bread or apple cider??? Yes, it’s that time of year! Now that things are “beginning” to cool off, we can start working out doors again.

Fall plans include starting a small orchard next to the Pavilion. I have the fencing, but need help setting it up, as well as the donation of some fruit and nut trees. Would like to start with an apricot, peach, almond and pistachio. 3 to 5 feet high would be best.

Also need to replace the refrigerator in the Guest House (quite old and making funny noises off and on!) and a few single bed mattresses.

We’ll be doing work on the mediation dome, so can use labor and donations of bags of cement.

If you have monetary donations, donations of labor or can donate any of the needed materials listed above, please call me at 702-569-0630 or e-mail me at

Thank you SO much for supporting your Temple!

Bright blessings,

September, 2016 Events at the Sekhmet Temple

Hello Family!

Please mark your calendars for these upcoming September events:

. Thursday, September 1 – Women’s New Moon: Potluck at 7:00 pm, followed by Craft Class at 8:00 pm (Women Only)
. Friday,  September 16 – Community Full Moon Celebration: Potluck at 7:00 pm, followed by ritual in the Temple at 8:00 pm (Open to All)
. Thursday. September 22 – Community Mabon Celebration: Potluck at 7:00 pm, followed by ritual in the Temple at 8:00 pm (Open to All)
. Friday, September 30 – Women’s New Moon Circle: Potluck at 7:00 pm, followed by ritual in the Temple at 8:00 pm (Women Only)

One of the most commonly asked question I get is “What is a potluck?” According to Wikipedia: A potluck is a gathering where each guest contributes a dish of food, often homemade, to be shared.

It is, but I feel it is much more than that. A potluck is a coming together of people, often strangers and sharing a meal, “breaking bread.”

I have heard drummers say you cannot drum together and remain indifferent to each other. I feel the same way about sharing a meal. Sitting together sharing a meal, especially a meal that everyone has contributed to, is a bonding experience, a communion.

When you come to potluck, please bring a healthy dish to share that will serve at least 4 to 6 people. When people ask me what they should bring, I always tell them to bring something they want to eat, as it is impossible to know what else will show up!

Greet people you don’t know as well as those you do. A potluck is an opportunity to bond with others and feel the oneness shared by all life.

Blessed be!

August 2016 Events at the Temple

Hello Family!

We have two great events planned for you in August!


Monday, August 1:  Lammas, the first of three harvest festivals (Open to All)

Potluck at 7:00 pm in the Pavilion area.

We will hold a Silent Auction from 7:00 pm til 7:45, at which time the winning bids will be announced. There will be a nice selection of items offered with opening bids ranging from $5 to $40.

Ritual in the Temple at 8:00 pm, followed by “second feast” and lively conversation back in the Pavilion til 10:00 pm.

Thursday, August 18: Full Moon Celebration (Open to All)

Potluck and Silent Auction in the Pavilion at 7:00 pm, followed by ritual in the Temple at 8:00 pm.

Please note: In an effort to cut down on both expenses and waste, we would like to encourage you to bring your own plate, cup and eating utensils to potluck. (Paper and plastic will be provided for those forgetting.)

See you there!

Bright Blessings,

Priestess Candace Ross

Gift Economy, Donations and The Future of the Temple

Recently a young woman taking a college class wanted to write a paper on the Temple, and asked me to fill out a questionnaire.  One of the questions asked was where I thought the Temple would be 20 years from now.  My answer was: That will depend entirely on the community.


For 23 years, founder Genevieve Vaughan has been almost single-handedly funding the Temple. (Donations received from supporters other than Gen Vaughan come to less than 5% of our current annual budget. )


Ms. Vaughan, now in her late 70’s, has indicated it is time for us to find alternative sources of funding for the Temple. We have just formed a Temple Council which will be addressing this and other business of the facility, but your generous support, both financial and spiritual is needed.


Monetary donations are tax deductible and can be made:

* online through Paypal on our website (

* by mail to:  Temple of Goddess Spirituality, dedicated to Sekhmet, PO Box 813, Indian Springs, NV 89018

* in the Donation Box located at the Temple bulletin board.

In addition, I will be posting monthly a list of supplies and materials currently needed (should you prefer to donate goods,) and the jobs around the property which I would welcome help with.

We will continue the “Silent Auction” fund raisers at the Full Moon potlucks, and have plans for an on-line store.

I’m sure our talented Temple Council will be coming up with many more creative ways to keep our beloved Temple of Sekhmet going.

Blessed be!

Priestess Candace Ross

July 2016 Event at the Temple

Our Next Event: Tuesday, July 19 – Full Moon Celebration (Open to All) We will gather in the Pavilion at 7:00 pm for potluck (please bring a healthy dish to share).  As last month, we will again have a silent auction fund raiser for the Temple located in the pavilion from 7:00 to 7:45.  Opening bids will range from $5 to $15.  At 8:00 pm, we will gather in the Temple for the evening’s ritual.  See you there!

Upcoming Temple Events in June, 2016

Hello, Family!  I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather.  Please join us for these upcoming events:

Saturday, June 4:
Temple and grounds clean-up from 4:00 – 6:00 pm (Open to All)
Do you have a few hours to donate to the Temple? It would be greatly appreciated. Raking, weed pulling, trash pick up, temple clean-up and more. There will be a list and you can choose what you want to do. Wear work clothes.

(There will be time to shower and change clothes if you want from 6:00 – 7:00 pm.)

Women’s New Moon (Women Only)
Theme: Transformation
Potluck at 7:00 pm, followed by ritual in the Temple at 8:00 pm

Monday, June 20
Litha/Full Moon Community Celebration (Open to All)
Theme: “Back to the Future” – building a brighter tomorrow
We will gather in the Pavilion at 7:00 pm for potluck. Please bring a healthy dish to share. (Food blessing at 7:05 pm)  At 8:00 pm, we will walk to the Temple for ritual. Ritual usually runs about an hour. Afterwards you are welcome to remain in the Temple for some meditation time or return to the Pavilion for “Second Feast” and lively conversation. The evening usually concludes around 10:00 pm.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

A Heartfelt “Thank You” And A Request

Dear Family,

As we near the end of 2015, I would like to thank everyone who has supported the Temple with gifts of labor, needed items for Temple and Guest House, and monetary contributions.

Since 1993, the Temple has provided a peaceful, spiritual space open to everyone.  We conduct over 30 scheduled rituals each year, as well as various private Rites of Passage (including legal marriage), provide a Guest House for workshops and overnight stays, and offer an Ordination program open to both men and women.

This year we added a lovely 30 x 40 foot fenced pavilion area with seating for 40 that we use for our potlucks, which can be reserved for private events (wedding receptions, birthday parties, etc).

We are a non-profit and are supported entirely by donations.


Please consider making a financial donation to the Temple.  Financial gifts to the Temple are tax deductible.

Funding is currently needed for the cost of construction materials not yet paid off on the following projects:

. 2nd Shade Structure on Pavilion
. Outdoor Shower for Campers
. Repair of second septic system (this was an un-expected expense!)

In addition, we would like to make stays in the Guest House more pleasant by:

. Replacing worn particle board skirting on Guest House with metal
. Replacing worn out kitchen cabinets in Guest House
. Upgrading Guest House WIFI

Donations can be made via Paypal or checks can be mailed to:

Temple of Goddess Spirituality, dedicated to Sekhmet
PO Box 813
Indian Springs, Nv 89018

(Anyone providing a return mailing address, will be sent a donation receipt for your taxes.)

Thanks again for your dedication to the Goddess and support of the Temple.

Wishing you a joyous Holiday Season!

Love, Light and Peace,

Priestess Candace Ross

We Can; We Must

World Peace Mural at the Goddess Temple

Hello Family,

When I look around this amazingly beautiful planet, and see what humanity has done (to the Earth and to each other,) I cannot help but become overwhelmed with sadness.

This is NOT how life on Earth was ever meant to be.

I want to share with you two messages I received from “Spirit”, both of them in response to my praying for peace.

The first one was several years ago.  I was at home, on my knees asking Creation to please bring peace to the planet, and the response I got, much to my sad surprise was:

“Until you can give up hate, you are not ready for peace.”

Are we ready to give up hate?

As I scan Facebook posts daily, seeing so many seething with hate for different religions, for poor people, for immigrants, for refugees, it doesn’t seem like we are.

We must give up hate.  There is no other path to peace.

The second message came more recently.  I was praying for an end to violence, this time in the Temple, and the answer I received was:

“Evil will destroy itself.”

Yes, I believe that. Evil will destroy itself.  But it needs to happen NOW.

For World Peace to “come” and World Violence to “go,” we must all be involved.

I believe each of us has come here to this time and this place for a reason.  I believe we are here to bring love, light and joy not only to ourselves but to the planet and beyond.
I believe we CAN do this, but it requires (non-violent!) action.

Can we give more and take less?

Can we open our hearts and minds to new ways of thinking?

Can we acknowledge there is no “us” and “them,” it is all us?

Can we get up every morning and say, “Today I will make a positive difference in the world”?

Can we spread joy by being joy?

Can we spread love by being love?

Can we spread light by being light?

We can.

We must.

Blessed be,

Candace Ross